Everyone roll for initiative!

September 10, 2018



Play RPG with your friends anytime, anywhere. With mRPG, players participate in the game when they can, without having to find a timetable that everyone is available at the same time and without having to spend a great deal of time to devote to an RPG adventure!


Create RPG campaigns and invite your friends to play. You can play in multiple campaigns at the same time, with different game groups.


The GM can define the template character sheet that every character in the campaign will use. Then he can create the characters and assign them to players. Each player is in charge of their character sheet.


In mRPG you don’t need to be yourself at all times. The GM can speak as himself, as the narrator of the adventure or as an NPC. Players can speak as themself or as the character they are assigned.


Roll dice and see the results without leaving the chat screen. Everyone will know what you rolled. Use the standard dice notation to express your rolls:

•1d20: roll a die with 20 faces

•3d6: roll 3 dices with 6 faces

•d20+10: roll a die with 20 faces and add 10 to the result


You can find players to join your campaign or find campaigns looking for players. GMs can set up their campaigns as “Looking for Players” and anyone can ask to join the campaign (the GM must accept the join request).

There will be Many more features to come. This is just the beggining of our adventure!

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