What is mRPG?

December 31, 2018


Tables, people and random stuff

What does it take to play a good tabletop RPG (Role Playing Game)? A table (!), people and some dice. If we go digital and remove the table from the equation, would it still be possible to play RPG?

People and communication tools are there to spare. Instant messaging applications allow you to exchange information with anyone on the globe in a matter of seconds (milliseconds?). People have tried to play RPGs via forums, chat apps and other medias, but only be able to communicate is not enough. We need some dice!

How about something that allows people to chat and roll some dice from their own smartphones? With that in mind, mRPG was created. A simple chat application with dice rolling support.

Of course the adventure will not stop at “chat with dice rolling”. mRPG has become better with every update, with more and more features to provide an unique RPG experience.

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