Release 2.3.0

February 1, 2019


Release 2.3.0 - Timezones and conditionals (IF)

Timezones and number of players

GMs looking for players can set a timezone, the number of available slots in the campaign and if the campaign is targeted for mature audiences. Also the campaign details now show the number of players currently playing in the campaign.


Added some functions to enable simple conditional (if-then-else) while rolling dice. You can use functions IF, AND, OR and NOT. For more details, checkout the {bold(‘mRPG Dice Specification’)}.

Complete Changelog

New features:
   - GMs can set a timezone and a desired number os players for their campaigns when looking for players
   - Players can see the current number of player in a campaign looking for players
   - Conditional/logical functions in dice rolls (IF, AND, OR, NOT)
   - (ANDROID-only) Select the aspect ratio when sending an image
   - Improved macro list screen to fit larger macros
   - Fixed an issue that allowed campaigns to have more than 10 members
Other bug fixes and improvements

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