How to create a character sheet template

February 24, 2019


So you created a campaign, now what?

Before inviting players to your game, you should configure a character sheet template. The template lets you set the properties your characters will have. In this guide we will start the creation of a Dungeon & Dragons 5e character sheet template.

⭐️ TIP

In a future update, mRPG will allow you to use a pre-made character sheet template created by the community. Track feature progress here:

What is a property?

Properties are the individual attributes or characteristics of your characters, like strength, blood, hp, background history, etc. Properties can be of any of the following types:

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Number

You can also define a “modifier” (badge) and a default value, but more on those later. You must group properties in sections.

What is a section?

Sections are a collapsible group of properties in the character sheet, like abilities, skills, etc. Sections just need a name/label.

How do I use the character sheet template editor?

First you must create a section. Tap the ADD SECTION button to create you first section and give it a name, like “Abilities”.

Then you can tap you newly created section and add a property to it using the “Add Property” option. Set you property name/label (“Strength”) and select a type (number). You can also mark the “Can use modifier (badge)” option. You should have a template like the one bellow.


Now you can continue defining sections and properties for your template.

Modifiers (badges)

Modifiers are short texts or numbers associated with a property. Instead of creating two properties, you can use the badge to associate a value to an existing property. Very useful for D&D ability modifiers.

Default Values

You can also set default values for your fields. All your characters should start with 10 HP? Define a default value for your HP property! The best part about default values is that if you update it, all characters that are still using the default value will also receive the update.


If you would like to change the order of properties inside a section or move a property to a different section, you can use the “Sort Mode” on the top of the template screen.

Once you turn the sort mode on, your template will change and you will have the ability to change the order of your sections and properties. Tap and hold an item to enable dragging it. Just make sure that your properties are inside a section, otherwise they won’t show up.


After changing the order of your fields, turn of the sort mode to see how your template looks like.

Finishing up

After your defined all your fields, you can save your template using the SAVE button in the top right corner of your screen. If you forgot something, you can always come back and add it, even if you have characters created. Your characters sheets will be updated to reflect the changes you made.


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