Release 2.5.0

March 4, 2019


Release 2.5.0 - Grouping notifications and cloning characters

Grouping Notifications

A much requested feature: grouping notifications! Now you can configure mRPG to only send a single notification per campaign you play. The first notification will make a sound and the next ones will replace the previous notification, making no sound. The total number of unread messages will be visible in the notification.


Cloning Characters

This updates also adds the ability to clone characters inside a campaign. The GM can enter a character and use the “Duplicate Character” option. This is very useful for managing NPCs and monsters.

Complete Changelog

New Features:
- New push notification option: "Limit to 1 push notification per campaign". When enabled, only the last message of each campaign is visible and the notification shows the number of unread messages in the campaign.
- GMs can duplicate characters (useful for NPCs and monsters)
- Confirm discarding unsaved changes when leaving character sheet template screen
- Fixed issue that showed in-app notification when in the campaign
- Load more messages now can show messages older than feb-2019
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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