Automatic/calculated sheet attributes

March 15, 2019


That’s a cool character you have there. But it can do math?

Most RPG systems have some fields that are calculated based on the value of other fields. For example, in D&D, ability modifiers are calculated based on the ability score, using the formula (ability - 10)/2 (rounded down). If you apply the formula for an ability score of 13, you will end up with a +1 modifier.

You can configure you mRPG character sheet to have those automatic values calculated for you, so you can play more and let mRPG do the math (very complex math).

Example: GURPS movement

In GURPS, characters have a movement field (mvnt), that is calculated using the formula (HT + DX)/4.

So let’s start by creating a simplified GURPs character sheet:

image 2

⭐️ TIP

You can learn more about character sheet templates in this guide: How to create a character sheet template

The character sheet have all the fields wee need to calculate the character movement: HT (Health - 11) and DX (Dexterity - 13). To calculate that you need to go to a store next to you, buy a calculator, calculate the movement using the formula (HT + DX)/4 = (11 + 13) / 4 = 6 and then set the value in the Mvnt field. That is just too much work!

Teaching mRPG how to do it

A better way would be letting mRPG do all that for you (the math part, not buying a calculator for your). Follow these steps:

  • Access the field you want to turn into a math formula in you character sheet
  • Turn on the Use dice/math expression
  • Now type the formula. You can reference other sheet attributes surrounding them by : (TIP: if you type a :, all fields and values of your character sheet will appear for you to select)
  • For this example, use this formula: (:ht: + :dx:)/4
  • You should see a preview of the result as you type the formula
  • Hit the Save button (this step is VERY important, maybe I’ll do a whole tutorial about it. I shall call it “THINGS DON’T WORK IF YOU DON’T SAVE THEM”)
image 1

Once you go back to the character sheet you will notice that the Mvnt field is now blue, meaning that is is a calculated field. See the next image:

image 3

If you change the value of any of the related fields (HT or DX) you will see that the Mvnt field will be automatically updated! Science!

More math and other stuff

You can add functions to round values, make simple conditionals, roll dice and other crazy stuff (OBS: buying a calculator for you is not included). Check and test those functions and dice rolls in the dice reference.

If you are the GM of a campaign you can configure the default value of a field to be a formula. That way, all characters created in your campaign will be able to do math and your playesr will only need to fill the sheet!

That’all! Now go roll some dice.

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