Release 2.6.0

March 17, 2019


Release 2.6.0 - Characters initials and Discord server

Grouping Notifications

If you have a lot of characters (NPCs/monsters) with the same picture and almost the same name and find hard to select one or the other in the chat toolbar? Now you can enable a campaign setting that allows you the see the name of the character you just selected and also show the initials of characters over their avatar.


Discord Community Server

And now mRPG have it's own Discord community server! Join the server to interact with other mRPG users, look for help, etc:

Complete Changelog

New Features:
- Campaign option to briefly show the character name once you select it and an option to show character initials over the avatar
 - Added formula for logarithms

 - Increase to 100 the limit of sheet formulas
 - Confirm leaving sheet with unsaved changes
 - Sorted character alphabetically in the chat toolbar
 - Capped huge dice rolls

 - Fixed avatars reverting back to default image
 - Fixed image upload retry not working

Performance and stability improvements

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