Release 2.7.0

April 1, 2019


Release 2.7.0 - Feature Requests System and New Functions

Feature Requests System

Now you can suggest new mRPG features or vote for existing ones in the new “Feature Requests” section inside the Settings screen. You can also comment on a feature requests, search, sort and much more. There is also a “Roadmap” view (the little map icon) where you can view which ones are in progress. You will also get notified if a feature request you voted changes status!


Functions for Better Comparisons

There is a problem in the way mRPG compare stuff. Let’s say you want:

  • Roll two D20 and count the number of results that are higher than 15
  • Roll two D20 and check if the sum is higher than 15

Trying to come up with the formulas for those two rolls, you end up with the same: 2d20>15, but only the first one works. That happens because mRPG formulas will try to use comparison operators as compare points for dice rolls if there is any roll involved in the formula. To fix that, now you can use some functions to explicitly compare two results:

  • GT (greater than)
  • GTE (greater than or equal)
  • LT (less than)
  • LTE (less than or equal).

So, to check if the sum is higher than 15, you could write GT(2d20, 15). View the complete Dice Reference for more details!

Functions for Named Rolls

A common request was the ability to reference a roll result later in the same formula. Image the following scenario:

  • Roll a D20, if the result is higher than 10, sum 5 to the result, otherwise return 10.
  • Formula: IF( d20 > 10, "how to use the previous result?!" + 5, 10)

Now you can save a result (with the SET function) to retrieve it later in the same expression (the GET operator).

  • Formula: IF( SET(d20, "roll") > 10, GET("roll") + 5, 10)

You can check how those work in detail in the Dice Reference.

Complete Changelog

New Features:
 - A dedicated place to create and vote for new app features. Look for "Feature Request" in the Settings screen.
 - Formulas for more reliable comparisons (GT, GTE, LT and LTE) and for named rolls (SET and GET). Check the Dice Specification for details. 

 - Added character counter to pinned message editor.
 - Improved authentication flow to avoid the eternal spinner of death.
 - Added "Getting Started" video tutorial.

Performance and stability improvements.

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