Release 2.9.0

May 7, 2019


Release 2.9.0 - Formulas for Badge/Modifiers and Field Description

Formulas for Badge/Modifiers

Now you can finally add formulas to badge/modifiers. They work just like the regular field formulas.


Field Description

GMs can also add a description to sheet attributes, making it easier to explain how things works.

Complete Changelog

New Features:
 - Formulas for badges/modifiers
 - Add a description to a character sheet attribute
 - EQ function now works for strings/texts
 - Reduced wait time to ask to join the same game to 1 day
 - Mute campaign for 1 hour
 - Duplicating a character did not duplicated the avatar
 - Missing text and wrong formatting of bold/italic/strikethrough
 - Not being able to remove avatar pictures

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