Getting started with mRPG (video tutorial)

The folks from the youtube channel How to Roll Dice made a video tutorial explaining some concepts and how to get started with mRPG. Thank you Josh for taking the time to do this awesome video!

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Automatic/calculated sheet attributes

That’s a cool character you have there. But it can do math? Most RPG systems have some fields that are calculated based on the value of other fields. For example, in D&D, ability modifiers are calculated based on the ability score, using the formula (ability - 10)/2 (rounded down). If you apply the formula for an ability score of 13, you will end up with a +1 modifier. You can configure you mRPG character sheet to have those automatic values calculated for you, so you can play more and let mRPG do the math (very complex math).

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How to create a character sheet template

So you created a campaign, now what? Before inviting players to your game, you should configure a character sheet template. The template lets you set the properties your characters will have. In this guide we will start the creation of a Dungeon & Dragons 5e character sheet template. What is a property? Properties are the individual attributes or characteristics of your characters, like strength, blood, hp, background history, etc. Properties can be of any of the following types:

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