Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Guidelines

Please read these terms carefully before using the mRPG web or mobile applications.

Your access to and use of the application is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the service.

By accessing or using the service you agree to be bound by these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the service.

1. Termination

We may terminate or suspend access to our Service immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the terms.

2. Data Collection and Safety

mRPG never shares or uses your data without your permission. We will always follow the mobile stores guidelines and ask your permission for every feature you might need, like camera, photos and other third party app access.

We process and store all messages, character sheets and media from your chats/campaigns on our servers, so you can access your data from any of your devices anytime. We will send push notifications when you receive new messages, but you can mute individual chats/users/campaigns.

2.1 Ads

mRPG uses third party ads services (Google AdSense and AdMob) to show you ads. After signing up, you will be given the choice to share personal data with these services so it can provide ads that better suit your profile. Depending on what device you are using, you might be able to change this option. Before you make your choice, please refer to these services terms of use and privacy policies. mRPG is not responsible for the data you share with them.

2.2 App Logs

In the case of bugs and crashes, some basic information related to your device, the state of your app (on the moment of a crash), and your user, will be shared with and stored on a third party service (Sentry) so we can track and solve problems more effectively. They are all treated anonymously and with the sole purpose of helping us track bugs and other issues.

2.3 Analytics Data

mRPG uses a third party service (Google Firebase Analytics) to track and measure users behavior within the app. This service is used to better understand how mRPG is being used by our user base, giving us insights to always improve the app. All data gathered for this purpose is anonymous. Please read the terms and policies of this service.

2.3 Data Privacy

Every data you might store or access while using mRPG are securely stored and can only be accessed by those you granted a permission to do so. All your messages are encrypted and can only be read by those that participate on a chat or campaign you also participate. The exception being moderation. Users have the option to report messages you sent for breaking mRPG Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, and on those cases the moderation staff will be granted access to the messages reported.

We store your e-mail address, upon signup, but it is not visible to other users. We will only use it for authentication and in-app communication purposes (no spams). Also, to be able to use some features, we will ask your phone number, it will be stored and will only be used for verification purposes.

2.4 Data and Account Deletion

You can leave mRPG and delete your account anytime you want accessing your user profile inside the app and choosing the option “Delete Account”. All campaigns you created will be deleted (also your characters and sheets). You will also be removed from the campaigns you play, but your messages will not be deleted (so the other players in that campaign can see the whole log/chat history). You can request your data deletion by sending an email to mrpg@mrpg.app containing your registered email address.

3. Guidelines

We want to state, first of all, that our guiding principle for anything that affects our users is: Provide a place where everyone can enjoy and experience the vast world of role playing. That's no easy task! And for that to happen, two main actors need to be constantly aligned: mRPG and you. So it's important to clarify some guidelines!

While mRPG provides most of the tools, ways, conditions and environments, it's you (as an user) who uses them to create, share and play. So, once again, it's important to note that anything you do on mRPG must not deviate from our core values and guidelines. If they are not the best for what you are looking to experience, it's okay, people think differently and there are plenty of places and apps that might suit your needs better.

3.1 User-generated content

The world of mRPG is mainly made by content that users create, and user-generated content presents particular moderation challenges, so the app contains a reporting and review system as the main way to make sure our guidelines are being followed. Through this system:

3.2 Private Chats and Campaigns

mRPG allows groups of users to join private chat conversations and also allow individual conversation with other mRPG users.

A lot of RPG settings have mature or dark themes, including harsh language or explicit imagery. All participants of the group should agree upon the tone of such group chats, but if you find something that harms other persons/groups or is an illegal activity, you can report the content.

3.3 Public listing (Looking for Players / Find Games)

mRPG allow players who want others to join their games to list their campaign in a public space called “Looking for Players”. For someone to publish their campaign as Looking for Players the following applies:

3.4 Reporting

Before we enter on the specifics of what contents are objects of moderation, some points need to be made clear:

So here are the main reasons you should file a report against a user on mRPG and help us grow together as a health community:

Remember that any content you generate is your responsibility, and you can be hold accountable for illegal actions.

4. Final Words

These terms can (and will) be modified to better accommodate and be more accurate with our guiding lines.

We hope they help you better understand how we should work together to create an enjoyable environment on mRPG. It's our passion and main goal to make it happen!

Thanks for being part of mRPG!