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Find RPG Tables

Browse through a list of campaigns hosted by GM's from around the world.

mRPG has a unique "Looking for Players" system in which players and GM's come together to find what they want! GM's post their campaigns in search for players. And players look for campaigns that might interest them and request to join. It's a perfect match!

Immersive Role Play

Character Sheets, Rolling Dice and Chat.

Create and Customize all your characters with your sheet and chat as them or roll dice using their attributes. GM's can bring a whole world to life within a campaign!

So Much You can do

Here's a glance of what you can do while playing

Create Macros

A powerful way to let mRPG do your ordinary tasks, like rolling for attacks, calculating initiative, and even make your campaign more welcoming for players.

You can be whoever you want!

Have quick access to all your characters and start role-playing. You can talk, combat, roll dices and role play as any of them.

Create your own Sheets.

No matter which system you are playing or creating, mRPG's Sheet Template will help you bring your players' characters to life.